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17 Web Headlines That Prove Clickbaiters Are Losing It (Number Three Made Me Bawl Like An Injured Dingo Puppy)

It Looked Like A Dog. Then I Zoomed In And Realised It Was A Baby Hippo. Then I Zoomed In Further And Saw It For What It Was: 3 Chinchillas In A Miniature Pantomime Horse Costume. But It Didn’t Stop There.

When I Saw The First Robot I Thought Nothing Of It But Then I Passed Two More And Then A Giant Group Of Robots, Then I Realised I Was In A Robot Factory. What Happened Next Was I Was Kicked Out Of The Robot Factory!

27 Of The Funniest Borp Stimpsan Quotes Ever In The History Of The World. (Borp Stimpsan Is A Character I Made Up With My Friend Jeff)

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